About Thrombin

With an honourable carreer in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis research, Prof. Hemker’s ambition remains unabated. Having spent over fifty years in research in this field, H.C. Hemker has found new ways to share his fascination with a larger audience through his comic book Thrombin. After the publication of Thrombin (EN) and Trombine (Dutch) in 2013, the book will be published in other languages such as German, Italian, Russian and Spanish in the near future.

These pages will show you around in Thrombin. The bookshelf enables you to open a preview of the book. A PDF including the book’s text and references is available for download and you can order your own copy though the ‘How to buy’ page. Feel free to contact H.C. Hemker through the contact form.

PDF Text and References Thrombin

Preview Thrombin

How to buy

The Thrombin comic book can be purchased in four languages: Dutch, English, French and Russian. 

Russian copies can be purchased through Baxter via www.baxter.com

Dutch, English or French copies can be purchased by sending an order to info@thrombin.com 
Costs are €20,- (excl. sending costs). Please include the following information in your order.

  • Your contact details.
  • The number of copies.
  • The language of your copies: English, French or Dutch.


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